Thursday, March 3, 2011

The battle of Russian Transformers

Before the 3rd installment of the highly budgeted Michael Bay "Transformers movie" lands the big screen this July, here's a short kickass test film by Russian film maker,  Alexander Semenov, that will keep the anticipation at bay. What surprises me were the camera used. Alexander only used DSLR cameras, capable of HD video recording, the Canon 550D and nikon D5000.           


The battle was actually between the Sony Erricson Autobots phone and Nokia Decepticons phone. As expected, the obvious winner will be the Autobots. I hope they will also make movie like this for Canon and Nikon.

I dont think this is a promo for the upcoming move. This, i thought, was somewhat like the comics and manga doodles and sketches on the back of notebooks and notepads, only its way to comlex.

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