Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleeper hoarder

If you wonder what that is, it's keeping certain numbers of sleepers in a specific place at a certain amount of time. Sad to say, and i can't explain why, i am guilty of this. Im a sleeper hoarder. But i don't derived pleasure in it or any mortifying gratification, not like the psycho recently reported and arrested in the US for hoarding animals, most of them cats in cars and the house. Mine was just pure laps in memory.

Here's the scenario. Usually inside the house I wear any sleepers. When I entered my room I have it removed. When I went out again, unconciously, I am bare foot. and if I got to see another sleepers, I tend to wear it. And the routine just went on in circles. It just took me by surprise that tons of sleepers were inside my room.

Its a regular thing inside the house. I bet there's plenty of sleepers now under my bed.

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