Monday, March 7, 2011

Joshua Radin

I couldn't just define Joshua Radin's music. They say its american folk, a far cry from Filipino folk. Its new to me, I am not certain if there is american folk. I know country song, but its predominantly, and with instant association to cowboys. But Radin is not a cowboy, and certainly do not sound one. His' more subtle and smooth, almost sleepy but really sounds angelic. The modulated voice, simple melody and guitar accompaniment made me like this singer. This got to be my 'pampatulog' song. A sort of lullabye to have me asleep in my waking nights. 

I provided a condense musical bio below from wikipedia.

Joshua Radin is an American recording artist, songwriter and actor.He first turned to music when he moved to New York, bought a guitar, and taught himself to play and write music. In 2004, American actor Zach Braff introduced Radin's first composition, "Winter," to US comedy show 'Scubs' creator, Bill Lawrence, who ultimately used several of Radin's songs within various scenes of the hit television series.

Soon after, Radin's songs were heard on TV shows such as Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, American Idol, One Tree Hill, among others.In total, Radin has amassed over 75 film and television placements.

Joshua Radin have released 3 Albums in the US: We were here (2006), Simple times (2008) and The rock and the tide (2010).

Here is  Joshua Radin's guesting on the Ellen Degeneres Show as he was asked to serenade the then newly wed host. He was singing the gorgeous "Today".


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