Sunday, April 10, 2011

Off for a run and City day tour

This is a long day for me. I'l be participating in a fun-run at 4 in the morning and will going to facilitate a whole day tour for davao friends visiting some 14 destinations in the City.

A sweaty and hot long day for me... and this is FUN.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gmail's revolutionary technology

Introducing the Gmail motion that will make the mouse, key pads and touch screen obsolete. The mindblowing new invention will shake up the way we communicate with computers. Here's a short video of the new craze in town. Listen carefully...

These almost got me believing in  eureka moment until i checked on the date and the comments in youtube. Nice one Google but try a little harder next time.

What yah know, this could be true in the near future. But until then, you can practice on the body positions or Gmail actions as shown below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sea Breeze

When i first heard of this song,
I was hooked.
 It's a song by american singer/songwritter
Tyrone Wells.

Sea breeze
 is a methaphor of sweet endearments,
undying beauty and true love.

Here's the video and lyrics of the song.
What the heck.
I'll be emo once in a while.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Off to Ilocos

I'm up early today, can't afford to be late on my very early flight.

For a week I'll be having my filtered thoughts in Ilocandia soil.

Good luck to me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's great wave

The Tsunami devastation in Japan last friday is maybe the most recorded worst calamity of such magnitude in world's history. It's as if seeing a disaster-themed-movie of hollywood in every varried perspectives so graffic that you wouldn't want an encore.

The earthquake prepared Japan was caught off guard to the big waves' wrath. The 8.9 shake magnitude has not hurt the skyscrappers of Japan but the unexpected tsumani in just a short span of time washed out any structures that stand on its way.

Everybody's nose seemed to be on this because this could happen any time in any parts of the world. It is understood that people living near the shorelines up to this writing, have paranoia of  the great wave that might swallow them whole.

Tsunami is from the the Japanese words tsu - harbor and nami - wave. There are many other local names for tidal waves (especially those countries included in the Pacific ring of fire), but the Japanese version seemed to be the most popolar and widely used.

I suspect that like the earthquake, tidal wave was not strange to Japan even in the olden times. Proof to this is the classic masterpiece (shown above) by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Its a painting in a woodblock called "The great wave off Kanagawa". This is one of my favorite Japanese art styles aside from the more modern manga art. This is included in the series of prints depicting the different perspective of Mt. Fuji in different seasons.

I used to admire with outmost amazement this print but with the recent devastation in Japan, it is forever changed. Never did i imagine that this print has an apocalyptic message written all over it and it's far worst than what's painted.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How to save a baby up a burning building

What would you do if you're trapped in the 3rd floor(40 ft) of a burning building carrying an 8-month old baby with just an open window as an exit?

a. toss the baby out side the window and hope for the best;
b. wait for superman to help an rescue you;
c. let the baby crawl through the fire and save you self;
d. none of the above.

On real situation, this could be really though, but it did happened somewhere in Germany. And the answer is letter A. When running out of option, the mind would run wild and crazy, the man (uncle) who is carrying the baby kissed the it one more time and hurled to the policeman at the ground with arm outstreched  holding his jacket like a net to catch the less than a year old infant.

Miraculuosly the baby survived unharmed.

And so is the man tossing the baby, together with her daughter. Unfortunately the baby's bother and two more cousins did not survived the fire. The parents of the baby was safe after they were hospitalized from burns.

Here's the actual scene:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Joshua Radin

I couldn't just define Joshua Radin's music. They say its american folk, a far cry from Filipino folk. Its new to me, I am not certain if there is american folk. I know country song, but its predominantly, and with instant association to cowboys. But Radin is not a cowboy, and certainly do not sound one. His' more subtle and smooth, almost sleepy but really sounds angelic. The modulated voice, simple melody and guitar accompaniment made me like this singer. This got to be my 'pampatulog' song. A sort of lullabye to have me asleep in my waking nights. 

I provided a condense musical bio below from wikipedia.

Joshua Radin is an American recording artist, songwriter and actor.He first turned to music when he moved to New York, bought a guitar, and taught himself to play and write music. In 2004, American actor Zach Braff introduced Radin's first composition, "Winter," to US comedy show 'Scubs' creator, Bill Lawrence, who ultimately used several of Radin's songs within various scenes of the hit television series.

Soon after, Radin's songs were heard on TV shows such as Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, American Idol, One Tree Hill, among others.In total, Radin has amassed over 75 film and television placements.

Joshua Radin have released 3 Albums in the US: We were here (2006), Simple times (2008) and The rock and the tide (2010).

Here is  Joshua Radin's guesting on the Ellen Degeneres Show as he was asked to serenade the then newly wed host. He was singing the gorgeous "Today".


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleeper hoarder

If you wonder what that is, it's keeping certain numbers of sleepers in a specific place at a certain amount of time. Sad to say, and i can't explain why, i am guilty of this. Im a sleeper hoarder. But i don't derived pleasure in it or any mortifying gratification, not like the psycho recently reported and arrested in the US for hoarding animals, most of them cats in cars and the house. Mine was just pure laps in memory.

Here's the scenario. Usually inside the house I wear any sleepers. When I entered my room I have it removed. When I went out again, unconciously, I am bare foot. and if I got to see another sleepers, I tend to wear it. And the routine just went on in circles. It just took me by surprise that tons of sleepers were inside my room.

Its a regular thing inside the house. I bet there's plenty of sleepers now under my bed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The battle of Russian Transformers

Before the 3rd installment of the highly budgeted Michael Bay "Transformers movie" lands the big screen this July, here's a short kickass test film by Russian film maker,  Alexander Semenov, that will keep the anticipation at bay. What surprises me were the camera used. Alexander only used DSLR cameras, capable of HD video recording, the Canon 550D and nikon D5000.           


The battle was actually between the Sony Erricson Autobots phone and Nokia Decepticons phone. As expected, the obvious winner will be the Autobots. I hope they will also make movie like this for Canon and Nikon.

I dont think this is a promo for the upcoming move. This, i thought, was somewhat like the comics and manga doodles and sketches on the back of notebooks and notepads, only its way to comlex.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The beginning is the end is the beginning

This will be my first stop to my new journey, my fourth actually.
This time it will be more revealing and intimate.

Filtered thought is the direct english translation of my pen-name"salang diwa".  
Every thing here will be permeated throught the pores of my skin,
that is microscopic... molecular.

Anything that sparks interest.

Anything that strikes a nerve and urges me to write.

Anything that can be digested and processed.

Anything that challenges my logic and psyche.

Anything that needs attention.

Anything peculiar.

Anything suspicious

Every thing will be personal.